Ctrl+Paint - digital painting tutorials

Blender Guru - Blender tutorials and products

Codecademy - I'm using it to learn Python

Creative Shrimp - Blender tutorials and products

Video Copilot - After Effects tutorials and products

Darrin Lile - Blender 101 - Blender tutorials on YouTube

Premium Beat - post production tips and tutorials

Duolingo - learn another language for free!

Khan Academy - free online education for all ages

Blender Tools

After Effects Tools

Free Software

Blender - 3D everything awesomeness

Make Human - 3D human maker

Krita - fun digital painting software kinda like Photoshop

LMMS - have loads of fun making music

Davinci Resolve - editing and color correction

Fusion - node based VFX software

Adobe Color CC - a color wheel

Alchemy - brainstorm sketching


Free Assets

CC0 Textures - free PBR Materials by StruffelProductions

HDRI Haven - free 360° HDRI for 3D lighting

Pixabay - images

Freesound.org - sound effects

Chocofur - models and shaders for Blender

USGS - satellite imagery (also see nationalmap)

Terrain.party - height maps from USGS

HDRLIB - textures and 360 HDRI

HDRI Skies - 360 HDRi Sky domes

Texturify - image textures for 3D

Figure Drawing Reference



Fusion Learning