Solved: Issues using Wacom Tablet with Photoshop in Windows 10

Each time I update something or switch computers at work I run into issues using my Wacom tablet with Adobe Photoshop in Windows 10.

The two main problems I've run into stem from Windows Ink:

  1. No tablet pressure sensitivity in Photoshop when Windows Ink is turned off.

  2. Annoying pop-ups next to cursor when modifier keys are used (Ctrl, Alt, Shift)

The reason I want to turn off Windows Ink is because it's annoying, and the reason I want to get rid of the modifier key pop-ups is because it's annoying. After searching forums and trying different things I found these steps to be effective:

Windows Ink no tablet pressure sensitivity

Removing Annoying Pop-ups

If that doesn’t work try this

Thanks to everyone who figured out how to fix these problems.