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low poly head

Having Fun with a Low Poly Head

low poly head

low poly model and sort of unwrapped face texture

I had some down time at the office a while back so I decided to use that time to learn 3D object tracking in Blender. I also used the project to practice low poly modeling, UV map texturing, and lighting the CG stuff with a mirror ball.

I have a lot of moles all over my body but only a few on my face, not enough to track with, so I grabbed some blue tape that was laying around, cut it into┬áteeny tiny bits, and stuck the pieces to my face. It didn’t work very well. The tape kept falling off and the blue wasn’t bright enough so it was difficult for Blender to track.

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Biblical Hermeneutics

12 Visual Aids for Learning How to Interpret the Bible

Biblical HermeneuticsI’m no theological scholar and I don’t intend to impress you with long confusing words and definitions.


When I set out to illustrate and describe these twelve principles of Biblical interpretation, I wanted to whittle them down to an easy to understand and remember form. Actually, the images and definitions below are meant to be more of a way to help you remember twelve important principles rather than to explain or teach them in depth.


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